Getting Started & Available Territories

You’ve spent the time researching and contemplating which franchise or business you want to buy into, you found that your territory is open, and you’ve settled on N-Hance! So what’s next? To reduce the inherent stress in starting in a new business we’ve streamlined the process of becoming a franchise owner into six simple steps.


Step 1: Opportunity Analysis & Initial Contact


The first step is to contact N-Hance by filling out a contact form on our website. Within a few minutes of submitting your information you will receive an email from one of our Recruitment Directors. During this initial step you will get a better feel for the company.


Step 2: Complete Confidential Questionnaire


After you have spoken with our Recruitment Director, you will be asked to complete a confidential questionnaire that will help us determine whether you are qualified to be a franchise owner.


Step 3: Introductory Web Presentation


Qualified individuals interested in owning their own N-Hance business will be given an in-depth web presentation. The presentation outlines what we do, how we do it, and why N-Hance represents a great business opportunity.



Step 4: Due Diligence


We will put you in contact with current N-Hance franchisees who will talk with you about the business and about the N-Hance culture. Additionally, N-Hance representatives may hold a Discovery Day at corporate headquarters or another location. During this activity our Recruitment Director will help you create a business plan and outline the financing for your franchise.


Step 5: Interview With
N-Hance Brand President


Not everyone is the right fit for this business, so one of the final steps in the process to becoming an N-Hance business owner is a one-on-one interview with our President, Ben Davis. During this time, Mr. Davis will answer any remaining questions you have about starting your business and you both will decide whether or not to move forward.



Step 6: Training & Launch


After you purchase an N-Hance business, you will attend an intensive 10-day hands-on training course at our corporate headquarters in Logan, Utah. During this time, you’ll be taught some of the tricks of the trade, and you will learn more about the business and the many advantages to being a franchise owner.




More than just the rights to a franchise and access to our industry-leading features, you’re purchasing an exclusive area when you buy an N-Hance franchise. This allows you to better plan your marketing with the peace of mind that all referrals and searches will be sent to you and your website.

We have been able to identify numerous open territories, each one with an average population of 230,000 people. N-Hance understands that when it comes to purchasing your own franchise, your target area is of high importance to you as is the number of customers with whom you’re able to communication with to build unique, trusting relationships.

If you’re ready to get started, give us a call at 888-823-4822or pull up a chat in the bottom right corner of the screen. One of our N-Hance Franchise experts would love to get in touch and explain the benefits of owning your own N-Hance business!

The Next Step


N-Hance is looking for dedicated individuals to start new franchises in their areas. Ready to take the next step? Click below to request more information and to get in touch with an N-Hance expert!