Marketing and advertising are the most important elements of operating a successful business. N-Hance has created an online wealth of marketing materials including templates, press releases, and stock photography to help our franchisees to market their products.

To further improve our marketing efforts, we have developed mobile websites, commercials, an N-Hance visualizer tablet app, and a strong web presence.

In addition to the many online resources that we have created, we also offer personal and customized marketing consultations with each of our franchisees. These meetings help them learn the best marketing techniques for their area.


After becoming an official service of The Home Depot in 2009, a three part program has been created to help franchisees gain more clients. By working with the Home Depot, you’re immediately provided with a huge source for potential clients. Learn more about this three part program below.

1. Establishing a merchandising presence in the stores
The Home Depot has put many resources into helping create a permanent display in every kitchen department where N-Hance services are available. We have also been featured in many print ads and circulars put out by Home Depot in many major markets.

2. Conduct product and knowledge training
Part of our partnership with The Home Depot is to ensure that associates fully understand our service. By helping them better understand N-Hance, they help you get more clients!

3. Create a strong relationship with store associates
In addition to helping Home Depot employees understand the N-Hance service, we also focus on building relationships with store associates. We’ve found this is the best way for franchise owners to generate business through a Home Depot store.

home depot partnership
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The Next Step


N-Hance is looking for dedicated individuals to start new franchises in their areas. Ready to take the next step? Click below to request more information and to get in touch with an N-Hance expert!