N-Hance Canada Franchise

N-Hance Canada Celebrating Success and Growth

“An amazing gathering and party! I felt that I was among my brothers and sisters though it was my first time to meet most of them. I feel great being part of the N-Hance team and I look forward to years of prosperity for all.” – Mr. Rashid Makki (N-Hance Hamilton)


N-Hance Canada celebrated it’s success and growth with its end-of-the-year training and the annual holiday dinner.

The event consisted of technical and sales training, which are offered several times throughout the year, and ended with the holiday dinner. The technical and sales training are refresher sessions that help franchisees take their business to the next level. The dinner and social events held by N-Hance Canada are always fun and energy-driven with all the exciting draws and giveaways. The social events bring together the N-Hance franchise owners, preferred vendors, and the corporate team.

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