IMG_1403N-Hance Canada Wood Refinishing®, the leading national brand in kitchen cabinet and floor refinishing, was present at the Canadian Franchise Association’s (CFA) Franchise Canada Show in Toronto on October 21st and 22nd, 2017.

The N-Hance team met with several serious and out-of-province entrepreneurs who were inquiring about business opportunities. Many were looking to change careers to secure a more financially stable future for themselves and their families.

N-Hance provided visitors with informative banners, packages and had products on display, including multimedia presentations of the N-Hance process and transformations. The varied displays appealed to numerous visitors and attracted them to inquire about refinishing services for their homes.

N-Hance Canada has already expanded at an exceeding rate, having sold over half of the territories in Ontario in the span of a year, with predictions of selling the majority of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding region by Spring 2018. N-Hance continues to dominate the kitchen and wood refinishing market in Ontario, seeking strong candidates interested in becoming potential franchisees.

With kitchen renovations taking the top spot for home renovations, N-Hance continues to provide high quality services at an affordable cost. Many in the construction and home renovation sectors are joining N-Hance to expand their portfolio and to provide a high quality service using N-Hance’s patented, industry-exclusive technologies, such as the anti-microbial ultraviolet Lightspeed® instant-curing system.

On track with expanding to the west coast, the N-Hance team is excited to meet potential franchisees at the Franchise Canada Show in Vancouver on November 4th and 5th, 2017.

As a fast-growing company that offers low franchise startup costs, N-Hance Canada has become one of the best franchises to open. If you are interested in franchise business opportunities in your area, please visit