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We make sure that our franchisees are equipped with the industry’s absolute best products. We take pride in the research we’ve conducted in finding premier refinishing products that produce high quality results. Our customers love seeing how our signature products can entirely recreate their home or office. Keep reading below to see how our products work with different situations.



  1. Basic Renewal – Over time, wood surfaces begin to fade due to the sun, or they turn gray in areas of heavy traffic. You will be able to restore the lost color back into the wood.
  2. Color Shift – It’s common for oil based finishes to yellow as they age. As an N-Hance business owner, you can remove the yellowing and restore cabinets to their original color, or even make them a shade darker.
  3. Color Change – Oftentimes, a cabinet is in great shape, but the customer ready for a change. You can transform the look of cabinets with our opaque or painted color options.



  1. Basic Floor Renewal – Floors fade from sun exposure, get cracks and scratches from everyday use, and the finish can wear off. Instead of having to replace the entire floor and start over, you can follow our basic floor renewal process to completely restore and protect floors in just one day.
  2. Hammered Floor Renewal – This service is for floors with extensive damage that have been worn down to bare wood, have deep scratches and gray or black traffic areas or show signs of water damage. During this service N-Hance will touch-up needed areas, fill and screen planks and deep scratches, then seal and refinish the floor.

3. Non-Sandable Floor Renewal – For floors that cannot be sanded – cork, bamboo, hand scraped, or specially engineered – N-Hance is the only solution because we can refinish and protect these floors without sanding.

Furniture, Doors, Trim, Railings, Stairs, Etc.

Although N-Hance is well-known for its innovative cabinet & floor renewal services, you will not be limited in the services you offer. Our unique process can be utilized to renew virtually any wood surface, including furniture, tables, doors and more. N-Hance business owners throughout the United States and Canada have had tremendous success and terrific results with renewing many types of wood surfaces.

N-Hance Products & Equipment

In order to accomplish these services, we equip our franchisees with the industry’s best equipment, products, and processes that produce amazing results and that satisfy customers. For almost 10 years we have been committed to researching and developing an extensive product compatible with all N-Hance products and that is sold exclusively to N-Hance franchisees. We have put countless time and resources into developing and testing our equipment to ensure it is the highest quality for our customers and franchisees.

N-Hance products and equipment

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