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Learn all you need to know about owning an N-Hance Wood Refinishing franchise in your local area.

History of HRI & N-Hance

N-Hance Wood Renewal was started by Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaning, the world’s largest commercial carpet cleaning company. In the early 2000’s, many Chem-Dry franchise owners noticed that their technicians were walking across thousands of damaged wood floors. N-Hance began as a separate franchise business to refinish and renew hardwood floors, and grew to include refinishing cabinetry, furniture, and trim work.

Read more about the history of N-Hance here!

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The Value Proposition of N-Hance

Low Initial Investment

Typically when it comes to service-providing franchises, investment costs increase as the brand grows and develops. At N-Hance, we’re proud to have maintained low initial investments since beginning in 2001. We also provide low initial investments by:

  • Replacing cash surpluses with motivated and hard-working individuals willing to succeed.
  • We provide essential tools for success.
  • Franchisees provide a great work ethic and delighted customers.
  • Lowered interest rates.
  • Increased borrowing amounts.

We want to make sure that we support our franchisees – if they fail, we fail. Our partnership turns into a successful and intelligent relationship when both parties are working together for the same common goal.

Low Overhead Structure

The most important aspect of any business is the customer. N-Hance helps franchisees take care of the customer by removing the financial stress, because we understand that cash flow is king when operating a business, so we always look for possibilities for our franchisees to minimize costs in order to maximize profits.

We offer low overhead costs so that N-Hance owners have accessible cash on-hand, which allows your N-Hance business to operate in a constant growth mode. Ideally, we can also help minimize costs through options to operate away from a store, like a home office and work van.

Unique & Emerging Market Segment

As we’ve said before, N-Hance is not the only wood refinishing company; however, we are the only refinishing company with a national footprint. We offer a commitment to research and a dedication to development which cannot be matched by any other competitor in the industry. Our word is our bond, and we take that very seriously.

World Class Support

We understand and empathize with what so many feel when starting a new business; feelings of fear or feeling alone in your efforts as you strive to become successful in your endeavors. A partnership with N-Hance contains the basic right to never come to those feelings.

Because we know that starting something new can be difficult and challenging, let our experience and proven technical and operational processes help you along the way. No matter the area you feel your efforts are lacking, we have the best support on hand to coach, train and help you find success in order to overcome any feeling of weakness you may have.

Our Staff & Diverse Network

One of the best ways new franchisees can learn and grow is through interaction with our experienced and energetic network. Our network is full of people who love to share their knowledge, learn all they can, and ask others for help and support. Our franchisees are selfless, interested in the success of the brand as a whole, and hungry for growth.

Built-In Lead Sources

After a new franchise signs their contract, they are able to hit the ground running with legitimate leads and jobs because of our partnerships and national marketing efforts. With that said, when a new franchisee buys into N-Hance, they buy into a well-established power and presence on the internet. Our national website, nhance.com, generates leads and business for each franchise by informing customers of our services and directing them to individual franchise pages.

Currently, N-Hance is found in over 1700 of the 1900 Home Depot stores across the nation. Each Home Depot has a permanent display in the kitchen department featuring our various service options (Currently in the U.S. only). This built-in lead source provides franchisees with a lead generating opportunity right from the start without having to spend much money up front.

Recession Resistant Methods

The last several years have not been easy for home improvement businesses. However, N-Hance has managed to enjoy double digit growth, higher average revenue, and growth in both our national footprint and franchise counts. While countless cabinet and floor companies have gone out of business over the last few years, N-Hance has been recession resistant and maintained growth.

As everyone has experienced, when times are difficult, consumers gravitate towards companies that offer the most value. N-Hance has a value proposition that cannot be beat by any competitor. Our relatively inexpensive services are ideal for any type of economic situation. It has been a welcomed and comforting fact that what we offer is constantly in demand, regardless of economic position.

Patented Technologies

We commit heavily to innovation. We have patents in place that protect our innovative products from competitors. Currently, N-Hance has patents on our Deep Release cleaner, which creates a neutral pH level with the chemical compounds we use. This is also found in our sealer, which eliminates certain problems that are typically associated with water-based finishes used on floors or cabinets, which have been cleaned with acidic cleaners.

Our unique dust-containment system which is used with our buffers is also patented. We even patent our color films, our new application process for color transformations, and our iPad “N-Hance Visualizer” App. The more patented and successfully proven methods you have at your disposal, the more prone you are to success.

Getting Started

N-Hance is spreading quickly throughout the US and Canada, but there are still thousands of territories open to be claimed. Check out the map below to see if your area is open to an N-Hance franchise. Then, follow these 6 steps to get your N-Hance business off the ground and running.



More than just the rights to a franchise and access to our industry-leading features, you’re purchasing an exclusive area when you buy an N-Hance franchise. This allows you to better plan your marketing with the peace of mind that all referrals and searches will be sent to you and your website.

We have been able to identify numerous open territories, each one with an average population of 180,000 people. N-Hance understands that when it comes to purchasing your own franchise, your target area is of high importance to you as is the number of customers with whom you’re able to communication with to build unique, trusting relationships.

Learn more about how to get started as an N-Hance Franchisee!

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The N-Hance Process

See the N-Hance difference

N-Hance services include everything from cabinet renewal to commercial floor remodeling. Each process consists of our expert attention to detail and our quick and convenient techniques we use to finish each job. Check out some of our work below.

Learn more about the processes you’ll be working with as an N-Hance franchisee!

N-Hance Products

N-Hance Products & Services

In order to accomplish these services, we equip our franchisees with the industry’s best equipment, products, and processes that produce amazing results and delight customers. For almost 10 years we have been committed to researching and developing an extensive product line that is compatible with all N-Hance products and is sold exclusively to N-Hance franchisees.

Learn more about the products and techniques N-Hance franchisees use every day!

N-Hance Training

N-Hance training at headquarters in Logan Utah

Getting you ready

With 15 years in the industry, we have both the experience and the procedures that allow franchisees to be successful. This system involves an intensive training at our headquarters, followed by a year-long personal “N-Gage” business coach assigned to you and your franchise. When the year is up, you’ll receive ongoing training and support from our corporate team.

You’re always taken care of as an N-Hance franchisee. You can learn more about our training procedures here!

N-Hance Support



The N-Hance corporate team is dedicated to helping our franchises grow. We understand that it’s the 180+ franchise owners that make this business run.


With 15 years in the industry, we know that we have both the experience and the procedures that allow franchises to be successful.


We base our system on hard work, which is the key to making sure we can keep up our standards and successes in the future.


Marketing Strategy

Marketing and advertising are the most important elements of operating a successful business. N-Hance has created an online wealth of marketing materials including mobile-optimized websites, press releases, stock photography, commercials and an N-Hance visualizer app to help our franchisees to market their products.

We also offer personal and customized marketing consultations with each of our franchisees. These meetings help them learn the best marketing techniques for their area.

1. Establishing a merchandising presence in the stores
The Home Depot has put many resources into helping create a permanent display in every kitchen department where N-Hance services are available. We have also been featured in many print ads and circulars put out by Home Depot in many major markets.


2. Conduct product and knowledge training
Part of our partnership with The Home Depot is to ensure that associates fully understand our service. By helping them better understand N-Hance, they help you get more clients!

3. Create a strong relationship with store associates
In addition to helping Home Depot employees understand the N-Hance service, we also focus on building relationships with store associates. We’ve found this is the best way for franchise owners to generate business through a Home Depot store.

wood floor refinishing

Check out more of the marketing opportunities provided with owning an N-Hance franchise.

Testimonials from N-Hance Franchisees

“What I like most about being a part of the N-Hance family is the support I get from HRI. If I have any issues, it’s nice that I can turn around and get them resolved quickly. Do it. Just do it, because all I see is great things coming out of this company and the business. We are a very unique business. There’s not a lot of competition out there so I would recommend it highly.”
– Michael Depasquale


“Do it. It’s a great product. A great system. Harris Reseach is a great company and very supportive – They really help you get started and get launched. We really are like a big family – everyone supports each other.”
– Jeff and Pam Overfield
“I love that it’s a national brand and that there is a national footprint emerging with some cohesion there. I love the camaraderie with other N-Hance owners and I also love that it really is a local business.”
– David Lantow
“The #1 thing that I hear from customers that they love is that it can be done in 1 day. There’s no clean up after we’re gone. There are no smells, no odors, and they can be using their kitchen an hour after we’re gone. They love it.”
– Mike Rozo
“Independence. I can run the business how I want to. I don’t have to do what the boss says.”
– Vince Philbrook
“It’s fun to do the job because of the wow factor you get with the customers. I really enjoy being able to see the product, the way it looks before and enhancing it or completely changing it to a new look. It’s stunning.”
– Andy Rozo

A Day In The Life Of An N-Hance Owner

You’re The Boss

As an N-Hance franchise owner you will be the premiere wood renewal service provider in your area. Backed by The Home Depot and a nationally ran marketing campaign you will be ready for success each day.

Gathering leads, quoting potential jobs and finishing jobs will make your days feel fulfilling. Owning your own franchise gives you the flexibility and satisfaction you have always wanted in your professional life.

n-hance technician

How Much Does It Cost?

At N-Hance, we are far more interested in recruiting great people who are enthusiastic about owning a business than we are in finding people with lots of cash to spend. For this reason, we offer in-house financing and have some of the lowest start-up costs in the industry. We do not want high start-up costs to stand in the way of you owning and growing your own business, so we provide a cost structure that allows you to purchase an N-Hance business for as little as $37,500 down.

We offer major financial benefits over other franchise companies:

– In-house financing
– Low start-up costs
– Protected, exclusive territories

  • *$37,125 Initial License Fee   42% 42%
  • $34,500 Initial Equipment Package 45% 45%
  • $71,625 Total Initial Investment 87% 87%

*$37,125 initial license fee in based on the anticipated and targeted average Franchised Area Population of 180,000 people.

Interested in learning more about the cost of running an N-Hance business? Get the complete financial breakdown here!

The Details & FAQs

Franchise Start Up Fees

We offer major financial benefits over other franchise companies. Some of these benefits include: In-house financing, low start-up costs, and protected, exclusive territories. Each franchise start-up cost is calculated off the population of your area and an Initial Business set. If you are approved to be a Franchisee, you will also be approved for our In-house Financing. With our financing, most N-Hance businesses can be started using fund amounts between $45,000-$55,000.


When it comes to starting your own N-Hance business, you’ll generally have some questions along the way. After all, how can you invest in something and not have a question when it deals with the basics of a business startup? Here are a few Frequently Asked Questions to help you get started.

Although you now know much more about N-Hance Franchising, we still have a lot more to offer. Learn about the rest of the details here!

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