N-Hance Canada Franchise

Alejandro Rivero


N-Hance Wood Renewal is pleased to announce the addition of one of its newest franchise owners, Alejandro Rivero. Rivero will be operating his N-Hance franchise in the San Diego, California area. Like many N-Hance franchise owners Rivero came from a varied professional background. Prior to owning an N-Hance franchise, Rivero ran businesses in furniture and consumer electronics. He is excited to add N-Hance to his range of businesses.

“I am excited to add N-Hance to the businesses that I own,” Rivero said. “I love the product and services.”

Rivero learned about N-Hance after he attended a franchise expo in Houston, TX. It was here that Rivero became interested in the work that N-Hance does. After exploring options and settling on a location, Rivero decided to add an N-Hance franchise to his robust business portfolio.

Rivero recently completed a week long new buyer training in Logan, Utah. During this week long training new buyers, and technicians that will be working with them, receive hands-on training with N-Hance’s large array of products. Taking these training participants out of the class room and into real life situations is what prepares them best for when they return home and have to start their businesses.

Each N-Hance franchise is backed by The Home Depot and a strong national marketing campaign. These built in supports help to ensure that new franchises can be successful.

You too can join Alejandro Rivero in owning your own N-Hance franchise in your area. Continue below to learn more about N-Hance and our revolutionary wood renewal process.

For more information about N-Hance services or franchise opportunities contact Luke Erlebach by phone at 435-799-7651 or by email at luke.erlebach@nhance.com. Be sure to mention Alejandro Rivero!

Based in Logan, Utah and founded in 2001, N-Hance Wood Renewal is the trusted partner of the Home Depot with a presence in more than 1,550 locations. Using a proprietary chemical abrasion and refinishing technique that requires no sanding, N-Hance Wood Renewal restores the natural beauty of hardwood flooring, trims and cabinets at one-third to one-fifth the cost of traditional re-facing or replacing of cabinets. The company’s powerful Lightspeed® U.V. curing technology shortens the refinishing process and produces less dust, mess and odor than traditional methods, making it ideal for homes and businesses. N-Hance Wood Renewal has more than 410 franchises across the United States and Canada and is backed by Harris Research, Inc., the same company that grew Chem-Dry into the world’s largest carpet cleaning company. For more information, please visit https://nhancefranca.wpengine.com/ to learn about franchise opportunities.